Cedeno Going To Be Harder, Than Others, To Replace

As it has been reported, the Pirates have declined the options on Ronny Cedeno, 
Chris Snyder, Ryan Doumit and Paul Maholm. Total option buyout, the Pirates are 
paying, is $2.45MM.It has been reported several times, in the last few weeks, 
that the options for Snyder, Doumit and Maholm weren't going to be exercised. 
Though, just yesterday, there were some reports that Cedeno's ($3MM), was going 
to be.

Cedeno, at times, went from hot to cold, in just days. Defensively, he showed a 
lot of great capabilities and range, and at one point going errorless for over 
a month. Offensively, he needed to show a little more patience at the plate, as 
his SO/BB ration was 3.3/1.

Obviously, being the Pirates, salary is one of the biggest deterants, when it 
comes to free agency acquistions. As an upgrade at shortstop is being sought 
out, there are a couple comparable, and a couple definite upgrades, to 
Cedeno's production on the free agency list. 

Rafael Furcal, who is coming off of a 3 year deal, given to him by the Dodgers 
after coming off of an injury shortened 2008 season. The short playing time he 
did have, he had career high numbers. Recently turning 34 years of age, he made 
$13MM last season, and can be expected draw nearly the same size contract, 
while probably want at least 2 - 3 years.
- Offensively .298 OBP / .348 SLG / .646 OPS
- Defensively 14 E / .964 FLD in 85 Games

Ramon Santiago, a 10 year veteran, just off of his second stint with the 
Detroit Tigers, spent the a bulk of his early years between AAA and the majors, 
with Detroit and Seattle. He has spent equal amounts, through his career, at 
second base and shortstop. With a salary last year of $1.35MM, he will be 
seeking a pay increase and is due for one.
- Offensively .311 OBP / .384 SLG / .694 OPS
- Defensively 2 E / .983 FLD in 27 games at SS

Jimmy Rollins, another seasoned veteran, has spent his whole career with the 
Phillies and is another highly paid shortstop. after the 2005 season, the 
Phillies rewarded him with a 6 yr / $46.5MM contract, which paid off as he was 
awarded 2007 NL MVP. In his final year on his contract, he made $8.5MM and can 
draw an equivilant or possibly $10MM to $12MM, depending on where he may go.
- Offensively .338 OBP / .399 SLG / .736 OPS
- Defensively 7 E / .988 FLD in 138 games

Jose Reyes, simply put, is coming off his best year in his career, made $11MM 
and will demand upward to $18MM a year. At 28 years of age, he could seek a long 
term contract and easily get one.
- Offensively .384 OBP / .497 SLG / .877 OPS
- Defensively 18 E / .968 FLD in 124 games

With a bare market for shortstops, and Ronny Cedeno under appreciated, his $3MM 
option would have been a good deal. The only player that was listed and is 
equivalent, to his production and salary, would be Ramon Santiago. Though a lot 
see the declining of the option as the end of his Pirates career, Cedeno can 
still be re-signed. 

It was just announced today, that Ronny Cedeno has been nominated for a Golden 


  1. burghfan66

    One name I really like that you left off the list is Clint Barmes. There are a few other respectable options like Jamey Carroll (yes I know his D is questionable) and Alex Gonzalez but overall I agree with your assessment that it will be difficult to replace him.

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